The Saddest day of the Year

The Saddest Day of the Year

by Louis the Medicine Dog

The story of a beautiful love between a girl with leukemia and her dog and how Louis became a true medicine dog.

medicine dog
Autumn with me at the Beach

December 3rd is always the saddest day of the year. The sadness overshadows everything,  It is the anniversary of the day when Autumn Rose left this world.

Autumn had a way with animals. She was about eleven years old when I was just a puppy, in fact she was there to comfort me on the day that I was taken from my mother.  I trusted her from the very first.

Autumn taught me some tricks, like “stay” and “leave it”.  She  ran as fast as she could with me and she would talk to me about all kinds of things, as if I were a human. We had a strong bond.

When she was almost 14 years old, Autumn was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of leukemia. She actually had two types of leukemia at the same time. However, she was strong and she fought it for four years.

Autumn spent many months, off and on,  in the children’s hospital.  Between these months, however, she spent time at home.  Whenever she was home, I was by her side every minute.  Everyone said that I was good medicine. In fact, this is how I became a true medicine dog.

medicine dog
Autumn and I spent a lot of time together.

I would snuggle up with her when she was in bed or on the sofa. We would watch TV and movies together.  Most of the time Autumn was not strong enough to go for walks with me, but I didn’t mind. She loved me and I could feel it in my being. I knew she was not well because dogs know these things and I made it my business to make her happy. This is how dogs are with the peeps they love.

Three days before Autumn left this world, her cousin Brianne gave me a bath, blowed by fur dry and took me for a car ride to the children’s hospital. Normally only therapy dogs are allowed there, but as they considered me to be Autumn’s medicine dog they made an exception.  The doctors and nurses and the others who worked there treated me like part of their team. Autumn was in a hospital bed and she was hooked up to a lot of machines.  I could tell that her little body was badly hurt, so I was quiet and gentle. I loved her so much, as only a dog can! I think she was sleeping but it was a strange sleep because she knew that I was there.  Me being there made her happy inside even though she couldn’t show it. She wasn’t strong enough to open her eyes or move her head.

I lay beside her for a few minutes and I felt the presence of her love.  She was beyond using words but I understood from her that she will see me again, in another world.

That was exactly three years ago.  As a dog, I am proud that I had the chance to love Autumn and help her when she was sick. Everybody says I did a good job. Now that she has gone (for now), I do my best to help to help the peeps she left behind. I know when they are sad and in times like these I snuggle up to them and give them my best woofy kisses. Love will get us through it.

Rufff to All,

Louis Dog Armstrong

– Medicine Dog & Blogger



Bond with your Dog in Just 10 Minutes per Day!

Bond with Your Dog in Just 10 Minutes per Day!

You can bond with your dog in just 10 minutes per day. It’s easy.

bond with your dog
A much younger version of me. Wasn’t I cute?


I know that most of my readers would like to have better relationships with their dogs. Most of you probably have good relationships already, but they can always improve.  Let me explain to you how just 10 minutes each day will really make a grrrreat difference.

Dogs always love their peeps but we function better all around when we know for sure that our peeps love us as well. We are a lot like human children.  We need our peeps to spend time with us in order for us to feel 100% secure. After all, dogs have emotional lives, too.

Ten minutes each day is not a lot, but it can make a huge positive difference to your dog. But it is important to maximize this time.

To bond with your dog, this is all you need to do:

  • During the 10 minutes, commit to your dog.  Do not play with your phone or watch TV. In fact, you should turn off the TV and put your devices away.  Don’t answer the phone.  Focus on the dog only.  Dogs are smart and they love it when you are paying attention to only them.
  • Talk to your dog and announce something like “this is our time!” or “Play time for dogs!”  Find a phrase that suits you and your dog and stick to it. Repeat this phrase numerous times during your ten minutes and use it every day. Soon your dog will understand the phrase and will associate it with this wonderful part of the day.  Talk to him (or her) in a friendly voice. Most dogs hear very well so there is no need to shout, just make sure that you repeat your chosen phrase often.
  • Never use this chosen phrase outside of your 10 minutes special time.  Otherwise, the dog may become confused and it will take longer for her (or him) to learn exactly what the words mean.
  • Choose two or three activities that you know your dog will enjoy. Personally, I like to play squeaky toy. I also like to show off how I can “sit”.  I don’t know a lot of traditional dog tricks (I’m the independent type) but I like it when my peep tries to teach me, especially with dog treats. I suggest two or three activities because we dogs have short attention spans and we want this 10 minutes to be fun.
  • Don’t use this time to let your dog eat a meal. Giving a dog treat or two is OK but if he (or she) is eating, the dog won’t be focusing on you. It’s important that you concentrate on one another during this time because bonding is taking place.
  • Similarly, you should not take your dog out for a walk during this 10 minutes. This is because whenever we are out walking, we are more interested in the neighborhood smells and in doing our business than anything else. The 10 minutes has to be free of distractions.
  • the 10 minutes doesn’t always have to be running around playing.  If possible, some of it should be, but cuddling is also good.

My Own 10 Minutes

My peep tries her best to give me 10 minutes of bonding time every day.  Other than squeaky toy and tricks, which I already mentioned, here are some of the activities we both enjoy:

  • Belly rubs – she rubs my belly; I don’t rub hers.
  • Photo shoots – she takes photos of me while I pose in different places inside the house.
  • She carries me around and tells me how I am the best dog ever and that she loves me.
  • We play with a tennis ball.  No throwing it in the house but we can roll it.

To bond with your dog,  pretty much anything goes. Just do whatever works best for you and your own best friend.

By following my easy steps you will definitely bond with your dog in just 10 minutes per day. I guarantee it!

Well that’s all for now. You can always contact me if you have a question about this post or anything about dogs. Woof!

Love & Squeaky Toys,

Louis the Blogging Dog


I Love Liver!

I Love Liver!

It’s no surprise that I love liver. After all, I’m a dog.

Every once in awhile and not often enough to suit me, Mimi brings home  a package of chicken livers from the grocery store. She says that liver is good for both Hazuzu and me and she likes to feed us well.
She bought some a few days ago and decided to cook it yesterday. Her cooking method is easy; I’ve watched her many times. There is something about the smell of liver simmering on the stove that thrills me no end.

Love your dog with liver!

This is how Mimi cooked yesterday’s chicken liver:


1. Package of liver (either chicken or beef);
2. Oil to cook the liver in. This could be something like safflower oil, although Mimi used olive oil.


1. Warm a frying pan;
2. Pour on some olive oil;
3. Cut the chicken liver into small pieces;

4. Fry the livers until there is no pink color;
5. Let the liver cool;
6. Feed any dogs and/or cats that happen to be around;
7. Save leftovers in a container with a lid. Refrigerate for up to 5 days.

Mimi makes enough for the kitty and me to have about 1/2 bowl every day for a few days.

A Day in the life of a Dog

A Day in the Life of a Dog

by Louis the Blogging Dog

They say that every dog has his day. The truth, however, is that when a dog wakes up in the morning he never knows what the day will bring. It could go one way or the other.  So I am happy to say that today was an all-round good one.

Louis the Blogging Dog
A day can go either way.

The Life of a Dog

Mimi, Hazuzu and I slept in because we didn’t get to sleep until after 2:00 am. After Mimi got herself ready for the day, the three of us went downstairs to find that a note had been placed through the mail slot. It was from a neighbor we had never met. Mimi read it out loud to Eric, so I know exactly what it said.

This neighbor, who also lives in Killarney Gardens, wrote that she has two children, Lizzy who is nine and Nathaniel who is six. They want to have a dog but the mom works full time and doesn’t think they are home enough to be good companions for the dog. They were hoping that they could meet me and maybe take me for walks from time to time. I snorted at that one. Little did she know that if there are any walks to be taken that I’d be taking the peeps, not the other way around.

We had never met these peeps before because they are relatively new here. They heard about me from another co-op member. This place is like a little village.

I was open to the idea. I usually like kids because their energy often matches mine. Mimi also likes kids and she told Eric that it would be good for all of us if it worked out.  It seemed like an opportunity to go on more walks and I love my walks!

Mimi called the mom, whose name is Carrie, and arranged for them to come over in the afternoon to meet me. When they arrived, I was so happy.  I gave them kisses and they stroked me. Nathaniel gave me a belly rub while Lizzy rubbed that place above my ear where it feels so good! Then Lizzy, Nathaniel,  Carrie and I went for a walk around the swimming pool and the co-op office.

I was on my best behavior and so were the kids. I didn’t bark or pull on the leash and they didn’t complain about picking up my poo.  These are good kids. I have a feeling that they will be easy to train!

Carrie plans to return with Lizzy and Nathaniel on Wednesday for another walk. I have three new friends. In a dog’s world, anything can happen in a day in the life of a dog.




Five Things Dogs Hate!

Like people, dogs hate a lot of things. However, there are a few things that all dogs hate a whole lot. It’s universal, so if you have a dog in your family please keep these five things dogs hate in mind.

Five Things Dogs Hate!

1 Being Left in a Hot Car

hot cars sign

This really scares me.  Pleeeze  don’t ever take us on car rides if you will be leaving us in a car when the weather is hot.  Don’t get me wrong – we love car rides as much as tummy rubs,  but we can’t breathe and can quickly become dehydrated and die if left in a hot car.  It’s horrible.

2. Rubbing our Noses in Poo

Some peeps do this to dogs. They rub our noses in our excrement if we have an “accident”.  They don’t realize that a dog’s sense of smell is 100 times stronger than a human’s.

The humans who do this actually think  they are training us to be better dogs but it’s just not true.  Mimi says that people did this a lot when she was a kid but in these days most know better, just like they know not to beat their children.  However, I know for a fact that some people still do it.

I just want all people to know that rubbing our noses in our poo doesn’t teach us anything other than to be afraid of our humans. If we have an “accident” it’s not our fault. Maybe you haven’t trained us properly  or we are sick. Another possibility is that you need to take us out earlier or more often.    Just don’t blame the dog!

3. Being Tied Up all the Time

What can I say? People who do this don’t understand dogs.  Dogs need to be part of a group and it is a crime against our nature to isolate us and chain us up so we can’t move around and explore.

4. Yelling at us

Dogs don’t like being yelled at just like people don’t want to be barked at.  We respond best to people who are assertive and who speak in a calm voice.  Speaking for myself, yelling seems aggressive and I just won’t listen. Most dogs will agree.

5.   People we Don’t know  who Come up to us too Fast

This is especially upsetting when the person who rushes toward us also is making  eye contact. Dogs hate this because it makes us feel threatened. You see, the most aggressive dogs in the dog world rush toward other dogs while making eye contact. When a peep acts like that we become defensive, just as if it was a mean dog.  Sometimes we will bark or snap at someone who approaches us this way. A few of us will even bite.  To avoid bad experiences,  approach dogs you don’t know slowly, without looking them in the eye.

There are definitely more than five things dogs hate, but I wanted to mention these ones because they bother me so much. I hope that none of my readers do any of these things. You probably don’t. However, if you ever see someone abusing a dog in any of these ways, please enlighten them. If they want to know how you think you know so much, tell them you heard it from a dog.

When peeps can all be kinder to animals this world will be a better place.

Louis Blog 028

Louis the Blogging Dog

Louis the Blogging Dog!

by Louis the Blogging Dog

I have wanted to start my own blog for quite awhile and I’m finally doing it. I hope to blog about my life in this neighborhood and what it’s like to be me. The little things as well as the big things. All from a dog’s point of view.

Blogging givesme purpose
Blogging gives me purpose.

I am Louis the Blogging Dog.  I am a small dog but I am strong for my size. I fear nothing. Even Hazuzu listens to me, although Hazuzu is a lot bigger than I am. Hazuzu, in case you don’t know, is the cat of our pack. Mimi and Eric call him the  family cat. They are always going on about his magnificent tail and how he reminds them of a lion. I don’t mind though, because everyone knows that I’m the boss. I’man alpha, through and through.

I asked Hazuzu if he wanted to blog with me, but he declined. He likes to do his own thing. He refuses to play ‘squeaky toy’ with me  and he goes off alone, roaming the neighborhood all by himself for hours on end while I stay at home with the peeps. So it didn’t surprise me that Hazuzu didn’t want to work on this blog with me.
At some point, however, I’ll try to talk him into writing a post or two as a guest blogger.
We really are good friends.
Here is a photo of Hazuzu:

hazuzu's eyes match his coat.
Hazuzu’s eyes match his coat.

Thanks for reading my  first time hello. I like it that you are there. Do come back because I expect to post frequently. Also, if you like my blog, do “like” my page on Facebook.  Woof!

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Football News at Flashlivescore

Football News at Flashlivescore

The season in the top European championships is in full swing, its ‘equator’ is already behind. This means that the time has come to sum up the interim results and to identify the main triumphants and losers.

Let’s have a look to La Liga, where Real Madrid’s performance is certainly among the disappointments of the season. Even before the start of the championship, it was clear that without Cristiano Ronaldo this was a completely new team. However, almost everyone noticed that Real was occasionally fallen into confusion. The team was unable to beat even the outsiders, having a record goalless series.

All these resulted in Lopetegui being dismissed from the head coach position; he lasted only a few months at his post. Santiago Solari, his mate, started off well, managing to get several wins in a row, but in those cases the team’s rivals were too weak to draw long-term conclusions. However, Real’s management did not think so and quickly offered him a permanent contract. After that, the game of the Meringues became uncertain again.

As a result, the gap from Barcelona is already 10 points and it looks like the club can forget about the gold medals in the current season. At https: //Flashlivescore.ORG, you can always find the detailed statistics of teams from various leagues of the planet. The website offers the results of the recent matches of the Royal Club at any time of the day.

The portal provides the results of matches of not only the top championships, but also, for example, liga mx.

Real’s Prospects in Second Half of Season
Today, the Royal club looks pretty unmotivated, although the team has everything necessary to get out of the crisis. Its trump cards include:

1. Great selection of players.

You can hardly find such a number of stars in each of the positions in any other club on the planet. Thanks to this, Real always has someone to strengthen the game even during the match.

2. Skills of players.

The Royal club has the best player of 2018, Luka Modric, as well as many other top stars. In fact, each of them is able to decide the fate of the match singlehandedly, so Real Madrid can never be disregarded completely.

3. Motivation.

In the recent matches, it was clear that the Meringues’ players are angry with themselves for their fails within the first 1 / 2 of the tournament.

The main challenges like La Liga and the Champions League are still ahead of him, although

Together with his team, Solari has already managed to win the FIFA Club World Cup. Let’s see if he can cope with these challenges with return and dignity the cherished titles to the Royal club.

Football: Valuable Etiquette tips for the game

Football: Valuable Etiquette tips for the game

Football fans all over the world have mostly same tradition of the game watching, it includes much fun with lots of beer, food, talks. So, what about you? Maybe you prefer to stay at home watching the match, making predictions with Flashlivescore? Or if you go somewhere, what is the best way to get along with people supporting the opposite squad? Do you usually bring something with you to the parties? Do you have to be careful with the topics of your conversations with the other companies? Let’s look through the tips which an International etiquette expert, one of the authors, of Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide, has kindly shared with us:

Never Come Empty-Handed: You may ask the host in advance if there’s anything special she may need. Also, don’t forget to bring a special gift for the hostess.

Arrive Dead on Time: Time is money! Come 10-15 minutes after the beginning of the party and leave it 20-30 minutes before the party finishes. The worst thing is to the dawdler who’s last to leave.

Behave Courteously: If you suddenly became upset by something, don’t try to show it to the people around you. Compose yourself and continue entertaining. It’s not the right place to be a Debbie Downer.

Don’t Get Out of Line at the Cafeteria: Mind that overloading the plate is pre-condemned. And if you touched something on the buffet, take it straight to your plate, and do not double-touch it.

Don’t Take Liberties with Drinks: You might probably know that it is not desirable to drink on an empty stomach. Take a slow pace with your alcohol cocktails or beer. And when the bartender says that the alcohol is finished, do respect it and take some water or juice.

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For Those Who Love Dogs!