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My name is Louis Dog Armstrong and I am a little white Maltipoo with a very  big heart.  I’m so glad that you came to visit my blog!

My full name is Louis Dog Armstrong

dogblog1 I am writing a book titled “101 Ways to Love Your Dog”. It will be given away free   on my Louis the Blogging Dog blog. Please help by emailing me with the ways that you show love to your dog.


20160115_100048068_iOS Here is Hazuzu, the kitty that I live with. We get along perfectly, even though the kitty won’t exactly play with me.

home We call this my rubber chicken. Even though I chewed the legs off and it won’t squeak any more, it’s still my favorite toy!

Dog With a Mission!

Yes I am a dog with a mission. You can find my  mission statement here!

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