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louis the blogging dog
Here I am, working on my Facebook page.

My name is Louis Dog Armstrong and I  live in East Vancouver, BC. I am the force behind Louis the Blogging Dog.

I live with a gigantic predatory cat named Hazuzu and my two peeps. We live in  one of the largest housing co-ops in Canada. We have 98 townhouses and 131 apartments here. I rruff living in the co-op because there are new things to smell every day. There are also lots of dogs. I don’t get along with all of the dogs, but I do have some great friends such as Buddy,  So-so, Emma, Shady, Bruiser and Chica,   Emma and So-so don’t like each other but I get along with both of them.    

Hazuzu is my brother-kitty.


                                                                                                             As Louis the Blogging Dog I have a column every month in our co-op newsletter. All this writing keeps me busy!

Some time ago I was lying under the kitchen table, listening to my peeps. They were talking about all kinds of things when Mimi mentioned that one of her favorite writers, William Faulkner, had once said that in order funny compare and contrast essay topics essay writer uk to understand the world you must first understand a place like Oxford, Mississippi. This started me thinking and then I realized that in order to make sense of the world you must first understand a place like our co-op.  Not only that, but in order to understand dogs, you first need to understand a dog like me. When I put the two together, I was inspired to finally start writing my blog.

under table
I often sit under the table, listening to everything the peeps have to say.

My dad was a small white Maltese terrier and my mom was a medium sized pure black poodle. She was a devoted mom. I was part of quadruplets – Mom had four puppies and all of us were boys! As you can see from my photos, I definitely take after my father!

Dad was a white Maltese
Mom was a big black poodle.

About my humans: they are Mimi, and Eric. Mimi is Eric’s grandmother.  There used to also be a wonderful girl named Autumn in our pack but when I was about two years old she was challenged with leukemia. She bravely fought it for four years but  in the end she left this world. Our pack misses her so much! If you want to read about my love for Autumn and how I became a Medicine Dog, you can go here.

I spend a lot of time listening to hip-hop music with Eric and watching Mimi paint. Eric is a brilliant cook while Mimi is an artist. Her easel is set up beside the dining table because our living space is also her studio. I also hang out with Hazuzu, the cat. We get along quite well.

If you have any questions about me, just ask and I’ll do my best to answer. In the meantime, thanks for visiting my blog. I rrruff my readers!

Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog






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