Monday, March 30, 2009 Cork failure – Innovative teachers exist and were in Roubaix – The Day of the Skirt IUFMs are maintained in 2009-2010 but as we wrote on Friday night, there is time bombs in clearing and a lot of inconsistencies.

Monday, March 30, 2009 Cork failure – Innovative teachers exist and were in Roubaix – The Day of the Skirt IUFMs are maintained in 2009-2010 but as we wrote on Friday night, there is time bombs in clearing and a lot of inconsistencies. According to many observers the decline of Ministers does not question the logic of mastering and does not guarantee the sustainability of IUFM in training (including the second degree). Moreover, the M2 year becomes even more complex to manage and organize. And we always have a lot of uncertainty on the assertion of a real "professionalization" of future teachers. The bottle uncorked Friday after the announcement of Mr. Darcos and Ms. Pecresse finally has a corked … If the national coordination "Teacher training" welcomes "new setbacks" of the government on the academic year 2009-2010 it considers also that "reform is still there." "Basically, the project remains unchanged, he turns back to improving training" .She asks his "withdrawal" and the convocation "general state of teacher training." The National Student Coordination (CNE), meeting this weekend in Paris, for its part launched a new appeal to the "radicalization" of the movement against university reform and decrees in preparation and proposed "a day of action inter "on 7 April. In the same logic, it should be noted the editorial of western France with the title "Confusion in the universities." "The movement will he wither or become radicalized?" Asks columnist who also notes that "there now succeeds to ministers.". Indeed, despite some setbacks, academics and trainers remain mobilized. "The Elysee dreads May. Nicolas Sarkozy fears of contagion between the university and the Malay youth who takes the brunt of the wave of unemployment. The government can not remain grounded arms, waiting for the university crisis fades by itself, overcome by the Easter holiday. Too risky. "Adds the regional daily concludes by calling Nicolas Sarkozy to leave" his liberal dogma before the crisis "and renounce his presidential commitment to replace only two jobs. The educational Cafe returns to the Innovative Education Forum and Educational Innovation held in Roubaix on 27 and 28 March, at the initiative of educational Cafe, the League of Education and Cape Canal, 14 partnership with teacher associations (Afef Ageem, Apbg, Apceg, CMPA, APHG, APMEP, Apses, Apv, Assetec, Clionautes, Projetice, Udppc, Usep) and the Ministry of education. (The CRAP had not been invited to participate) The Forum of the jury, chaired by Philippe Meirieu, presented twelve awards: innovative educational projects, efficient, student-centered and transferable. The Grand Prize went to Monique Argoualc’h for a project that transforms relay need someone to do my homework
class of students in ICT training for the elderly. The forum was also an opportunity to reiterate that away from preconceptions and cliches, many teachers are deeply invested in their craft and inventiveness to face with school difficulties and are changing every day. Yes, we can change the school, with teachers … it is good to say again and again … cinema Heading to finish. Have you seen the Skirt Day?. After The Class, here’s a new film that divides teachers since its broadcast on Arte and its theatrical release. Philippe Meirieu explains Mediapart "Why you had to The Skirt Day …". For him, this film is a necessary caricature. "The story scratch" instructional self-righteousness of the compassionate left "with some injustice, almost as scratched formerly ridiculous sufficiency teachers locked in a stilted magistralite and running after the Academic Palms! It’s the times! This merits discussion, but it is not, in my view, the central about the film. What is the central point, he said, is "what is the rage of educating Sonia Bergerac face his students and the relationship that they have with it and each other.". This film allows him to remember, says Philippe Meirieu, situations where himself was confronted this "rage teaching" that faces the student refused. "The alternative is as old as pedagogy: resignation or repression. Or, more accurately, pedagogy emerges, with all the difficulties of the world, when trying to get out of this alternative. " Note for completeness that we find the same enthusiasm for the film (but with different conclusions, one suspects) on the blog of John Paul Brighelli … We can also find several conflicting opinions on the site Cahiers teaching. And my opinion? I did not, I did not see … Good Reading … —————————— —————- 30/03/09 the Darcos reform: "nobody nothing pilot" "Seen from afar, it seems that no one driver nothing, "one hears at the IUFM of Lyon. The reform led by Xavier Darcos? It is "a mess", "a mess". And a current threat, according to teachers. While the public may feel by the media prism of "unraveling" of a "report", the collective of workers, teachers and trainee teachers IUFM says that "n ‘is absolutely nothing. " According to Isabelle Tourron, teacher librarian, "Reform is not postponed for next year. It is ongoing. The Ministry of Education is pushing for the models * back … "Read more of the article University: Shares of the week concert for the Great Men Academics and researchers, supported by university presidents, continue their work this week. public course, vigorous home ministers who inaugurated a mediateque the National Immigration City this morning (11.30 am) (read here a review for this initiative) pans together to the Pantheon to "awaken the Great Men" at 16:30, the events April 2. Read more of the article Quality of French Science calls the ministers yesterday, the association Quality of French science published statement calling ministers "clear positions". The meaning of this statement seems to him quite clear: if Valerie Pecresse and Xavier Darcos abandon completely and unambiguously any attempt to implement the so-called reform mastering in 2009/2010 and whether the texts concerning the status and the National Council of Universities comply with setbacks written down recorded during the last negotiations, QSF will vote for a "crisis" Read more of the article in Bonneuil, the law strips hunting two college students Vedat and his cousin had only wrong : do not inhabit the neighboring city. Read more of the article The University of Defense Collective mobilizes April 2 Calls for further action this week and show April 2 multiply. Here the university presidents. The Collective Defense University, particularly of lawyers, joined the calls already launched by analyzing in detail the results of the last meeting between the Ministry and the unions on the status of university. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 30/03/09 ———————————– Nothing seen … ————– the of 30/03/09 Besson and Darcos waive inaugurate the immigration Cite La Cite de l’immigration will not finally inaugurated. Monday, March 30, the Ministers of Immigration, Eric Besson, and national education, Xavier Darcos, gave up in the face of hostile demonstrators, pronounce their inaugural speech. Students and the entertainment, which appeared on the lists of guests, prevented by their cries the two ministers to speak. Read more of the article Drug use among European adolescents tends to stabilize Young Europeans drink more and smoke less, drug use tends to stabilize: that is, in Europe, the general trend in 15-16 years, according to 2007 data from the ESPAD survey (European School survey on Alcohol and Others Drugs) made public Thursday, March 26. Read more of the article A plaster for school diversity, by Jean-Pierre Stroobants "Belgium is a pleasure and should remain so" … The formula used for those who, against all odds, defended the continued cohabitation between Flemish and French. Full of irony, it summarizes generally the mood of a population that attends with a mixture of surprise and dejection, the posturing of a political class that rarely convinces but surprised always. More Article —————————————– – Humanity of 30/03/09 (a day late) at the university of Strasbourg, is to be "activists rather than military" persistent tensions at the university, which had to be evacuated today in anticipation of NATO summit next week. Read more of the article educators are sounding the alarm Facing the dismantling of educational services, personal in protection No judicial Youth (PJJ) refuse confinement and repression as the only answer Read More Article CNRS busy, blocked Sorbonne … After eight weeks of mobilization, the university movement hardens. And promises to April 2, "1000 events for the school." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 30/03/09 Universities: for Pecresse, the year is "recoverable" "Today the trend is the resumption of classes. We are responding to each of the areas of concern of faculty. "Despite eight weeks of blocking several universities, and the strike calls held at several sites, the Minister of Higher Education Valerie Pecresse ensured that Monday morning the university year was "quite recovered." Read more of the article The students propose a day of action on April 7 Student National Coordination (CNE), meeting this weekend in Paris, has launched a new call for the "radicalization" of the movement against reform universities and decrees in preparation and proposed "an interprofessional action day" on April 7th. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 30/03/09 ——————————– —————- the echoes of 30/03/09 favorable universities a reorganization of the apprenticeship tax the university presidents would be well spent such a ruckus . Five years after researchers in Bordeaux, this time it is the students who came to play spoilsport during their annual conference in Brest, which was expected Valerie Pecresse. The Minister of Higher Education, adopted by the union negotiations, it is ultimately not made. However, the Conference of University Presidents (CPU) has taken part by opponents of government reforms to flee the scene and complete its conference in incredible circumstances … the military naval training center. "We see a core of opponents radicalized, although no university is not completely blocked," lamented Lionel Collet, President of the CPU, however, convinced that the agitation Brest "had nothing to do with the conference itself. " The subject on which the CPU had chosen floor however, was not so far from the news: the economic role of universities. The law autonomy 2007 urged them to approach the business community. But finding new business funding is not obvious in a financial crisis. Especially that universities consider themselves disadvantaged compared to business schools to collect the apprenticeship tax. Since 2006, companies no longer pay the tax directly to the trainers: they must go through collection agencies, the Octa, which distribute the funds’ no arrow. " However, a number of these Octa attached to chambers of commerce that also operate … large schools. For the CPU, so it would be "logical" that are "separated" collection agencies and training organizations. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— 20 minutes from 30/03/09 science has the right of citizenship in children Nicolas, Nelson and Jawa are unleashed in hand guitar, a melody composer for children Vincent Malone. "Alexander, just shoot us! "They throw a kid focused on driving his flying carpet. The four boys are privileged to have discovered a preview last week, the Cite des enfants renovated at La Villette (19th). The space for 2-7 years reopened in late 2007. But the largest, 5-12 years, were themselves deprived of adventure playground for several months. "The City was a bit dated, but austere teaching," says Xavier Limagne, the curator of the exhibition. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Rue89 of 30/03/09 the end of the "world of education": teaching not interested teachers Mobilized for some time on another "front" than education (70th anniversary the "retirada" the end of the Spanish Civil war), suddenly comes to me the need for an inventory after a long absence. First observation that, except error or inadvertence, was little commentary: the disappearance of the "world of education" reduced to a mere supplement daily. This is not a simple economic-media episode but a highly significant event in … the world of education. Read more of the article the way, Rue89, "it’s legal you do?" By Pierre Haski "Is it legal what you do? "," Where do you get your information? "," How come you know about the Internet? "Or" how do you make money on the Internet? "… Some of the issues that college students have asked. Since the beginning of the week, Rue89 part in the Week of the press to school with this blog "At school web" open with college Louis Aragon, Chalon-sur-Saone, and their teacher, Christelle Membrey. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– West of France 30/03/09 Confusion at universities Two months of conflict in universities. The crisis drags on. No one is psychic to predict the future. Will-he movement wither or become radicalized? Although the government has backtracked on several points ? on the status of researchers, the training of future teachers on the job cuts ? uncertainty. Because these declines were either masked or awkward. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 30/03/09 Nothing seen … —————————— ———- Le Nouvel Observateur Permanent 30/03/09 universities: new call of the CNE to "radicalize the movement" in its struggle against university reform, the national student coordination called to "build a united front involving students, pupils, employees, precarious, unemployed. " Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 30/03/09 At the immigration City, protesters are silent Besson and Darcos the inauguration of the library of the national City of the immigration history scheduled for Monday morning was greatly disturbed by Some protestors. They prevented the ministers Eric Besson and Xavier Darcos to deliver their speeches. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- 30/03/09 — the Cafe Pedagogique IUFMs maintained in 2009-2010 tactical Setback or burial of the reform? IUFMs their departmental offices and network of teachers-trainers continue to enroll students in M1. After the announcements made after the March 19 demonstration (maintaining competition in their current form in 2010, first start of year including one-third of training), those of last Friday sound like a further decline of the Ministers concerned (V. Pecresse and X. Darcos) on the question of the formation. strategic retreat to pop a protest front, which continues to be a needle in government communications, real or defeat? It is too early to judge, as there are many uncertainties: the "transition" of the year 2009-1010 she will actually with IUFM, now integrated in universities, to build a sustainable future? Indeed many IUFMs had begun enrolling students for next year. Read more of the article The effective school Innovative Education Forum The effectiveness of the school was the main theme of the Forum of Innovative Teachers and Educational Innovation held in Roubaix on 27 and 28 March at the initiative of educational Cafe, the League of education and Cap Canal, in partnership with 14 teacher associations (Afef Ageem, Apbg, Apceg, CMPA, APHG, APMEP, Apses, Apv, Assetec, Clionautes, Projetice, Udppc, Usep) and the Ministry of education. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 30/03/09 Why we had to the skirt day … by Philippe Meirieu the skirt day is a film to do. It is obvious that is necessary when you leave the session. This film event. It upsets all comfortable thought. It raises real questions and challenges any Manichean interpretation. We must seize it. To think. To debate. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- A selection in dispatches of 30/03/09 Questions / CM2: 35% to 45% very good, 7% to 15% in very great difficulty the national assessments in french and mathematics, implemented by the government, showed CM2 between 35% to 45% of very good students and 7% to 15% in very great difficulty that should benefit from personalized assistance, according to figures released Monday. Read more of the article Reform teacher education: more dissatisfied unions or organizations Several organizations expressed their dissatisfaction Monday about the reform of teacher training, after concessions from the government Friday on contest preparation for the year 2009-2010, in separate announcements. Read more of the article Black Book on Education PS: Aubry, "the great Match Girl" (Darcos) Xavier Darcos said Sunday that with his black book on education after the one on the freedoms, the Party Socialist wanted to "light fires everywhere", calling its leader, Martine Aubry, the "great match girl". Read more of the article Toulouse prevent high school students meeting around Mr. Descoings High school students and students forced Richard Descoings, charged by the government to lead the high school reform, to cancel a meeting with the heads of schools of the academy of Toulouse, blocking access to the Monday meeting venue, AFP noted. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Monday, March 30, 2009

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