Vintage Dog Advertisements

Vintage dog advertisements provide a view into how people and dogs loved each other in the past, much as they do today.

vintage dog advertisements
Woof I think we are!

Vintage Dog Advertisements

Vintage dog advertisements are cool. Dogs like them and so do their peeps. Mimi and I have been collecting vintage dog advertisements for awhile now, and here are a few that I would rruff to share.

vintage dog advertisements
What dog doesn’t like train rides?

I’ve never been on a train, but I know how much I love car rides. Train rides are probably better!

This little grrrl reminds me of Anna. At four years old, Anna is the youngest member of our pack.

vintage dog advertisements
What a nice dog to share his chair wid a sweet grrrl!

Mimi likes this one a lot because tea is one of her main interests. She drinks it all the time and even blogs about it at the White Rabbit Tea Shop.  Pawsonally, I like the dog!

vintage dog advertisement
Watching the water.


This baby is just not happy. Back in the day, there were a lot of ads featuring crying babies.  I like this pawticular vintage dog advertisement because it is of Hires Root Beer, which they still make. I have no idea what it tastes like because dogs aren’t supposed to drink soda and I’m a good dog.

I also don’t know why they thought it was OK to give root beer to a baby. Just sayin’.

vintage ad13
Baby not happy!

This is a good one for dogs because most of us are interested in security. We work in law enforcement and we guard the places where we live. That is one of our great strengths. So it is good to see vintage dog advertisements that recognize this.

vintage ad3
Most dogs are into security.


The vintage dog advertisements with children in them make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I especially rruff this one because the dog looks a lot like me. I’m just whiter.

vintage ad5
What an adorable dog! The little grrrl isn’t so bad, either.


What dog doesn’t dream of joining the circus? None of us, unless our people come with us.  These three guys look quite happy, though. Pawbrolly because there are lots of  treats to be had.

vintage ad9
Woofing my head off! The grand circus!

I hope you enjoyed my vintage dog advertisements.  As Mimi says, they are an art form.  They show us a bit about what life was like in the past and they also show us that things haven’t changed a whole lot. People and dogs loved each other then just as they do today.

Until Next time,

From Vancouver BC,                                                                                   this is Louisdog Armstrong                                                                  Louis the Blogging Dog








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  1. Louis Dog Armstrong the vintage scottie with his luggage ~ well you know how you can have special postage stamps made for you ~ they cost a little more money but we ordered a bunch with the vintage scottie with his luggage. So now when we send out cards we are sending out Scottie Love.
    Sweet William The Scot

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