The Easiest Way to Have a Well Groomed Dog!

A Trip to the Dog Spa

What is the easiest way to have a well groomed dog?  Let somebody else do the grooming. This is what my peeps discovered today. Usually my big peep bathes me, which is not so easy because she has some trouble bending into the bathtub.  Also, I don’t like it when she messes around with my feet.  She is always concerned about the cost of things, however, so she has done all of my grooming herself for at least three years.

This is me when I was a scruffy dog

Today it all changed. I woke up scruffy and I’ll go to bed looking like a dog from a magazine. This afternoon I spent about three hours at the Spa Dog Organic Dog Spa. I now smell delicious and I have the best furcut I have ever had. It’s awesome!

louis spadog3
A good philosophy for the planet

If you know me at all you will remember that I am usually a very scruffy dog. Yes I am loved to pieces by my peeps, but my bangs have mostly always been crooked and my fur is usually shaggy and uneven.  Although my big peep cuts them out when she finds them, I often have a mat or two.  However, big peep has been reading what I wrote about wanting to go to a doggy salon on my Facebook page and she finally realized that my looks are important to me, especially now that I am a little bit famous.

I know that what is in the inside of a dog is more important than the way a dog looks on the outside, but that shouldn’t mean that I can never spend an afternoon at the spa. A bit of pampering is good for a dog.

So this afternoon my big peep took me for a car ride to the spa. As soon as we arrived I felt comfortable with the place. Nice calming music was playing and I could tell that it was a safe spot for dogs. I also liked the fact that it smelled good in there.

The first peep I met there was Hilary. She held me and felt my fur while she and my big peep talked about me. I could tell that Hilary likes dogs, so I trusted her and didn’t try to get away. Then I met Kalee, the one who actually looked after me.

Kalee is good at dog grooming. If she was a dog you would give her a treat, but since she is a peep all you can do is say “thank you!” She gave me a bath with organic geranium and lavender shampoo that is specially made for dogs. Then she blew me dry, cut my nails, cleaned my ears and brushed my teeth.  She told me how good I am about 100 times!

My peep had asked Kalee to buff my nails but when she started I hated it and tried to make her stop by acting all stressed. Kalee understood and stopped, so I was happy. My peep was happy, also, because she never likes me to be too upset, especially is she is not around.

This is Kalee holding me before my grooming:

louis spadog2
I know that I am still cute when I am scruffy!

Here is a photo of Kalee and me after we were finished. What do you think? I feel so good about myself.  My fur is silky soft and I smell fresh and yummy.

louis spadog1
I’m the same dog on the inside but I sure look different!

Now you know the easiest way to have a well groomed dog. You go to the spa. The only hard part is paying for it, but if you ask me it’s worth it!

Before we left my peep noticed a petition on the counter, asking the government to stop the trophy hunting of wild animals in BC. She signed it because she says that killing animals just for their heads or their fur is barbaric.

By the way, I have no special relationship with Spa Dog  Organic Dog Spa. They did not give me anything except love and a great furcut. I did tell them that I am a blogging dog, partly because I needed Kalee’s permission  to put her photo on the internet (she is nice and did not mind).  However, I was treated exactly like all of the other dogs.

Spa Dog Organic Dog Spa is in Vancouver.  You can learn more about them here. My big peep says one main reason she chose them is because they use sustainable practices. For example, they have a refill program for shampoo bottles and they compost all of the dog fur that falls on the floor.  My big peep also likes to support independent local businesses.





The Saddest day of the Year

The Saddest Day of the Year

by Louis the Medicine Dog

The story of a beautiful love between a girl with leukemia and her dog and how Louis became a true medicine dog.

medicine dog
Autumn with me at the Beach

December 3rd is always the saddest day of the year. The sadness overshadows everything,  It is the anniversary of the day when Autumn Rose left this world.

Autumn had a way with animals. She was about eleven years old when I was just a puppy, in fact she was there to comfort me on the day that I was taken from my mother.  I trusted her from the very first.

Autumn taught me some tricks, like “stay” and “leave it”.  She  ran as fast as she could with me and she would talk to me about all kinds of things, as if I were a human. We had a strong bond.

When she was almost 14 years old, Autumn was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of leukemia. She actually had two types of leukemia at the same time. However, she was strong and she fought it for four years.

Autumn spent many months, off and on,  in the children’s hospital.  Between these months, however, she spent time at home.  Whenever she was home, I was by her side every minute.  Everyone said that I was good medicine. In fact, this is how I became a true medicine dog.

medicine dog
Autumn and I spent a lot of time together.

I would snuggle up with her when she was in bed or on the sofa. We would watch TV and movies together.  Most of the time Autumn was not strong enough to go for walks with me, but I didn’t mind. She loved me and I could feel it in my being. I knew she was not well because dogs know these things and I made it my business to make her happy. This is how dogs are with the peeps they love.

Three days before Autumn left this world, her cousin Brianne gave me a bath, blowed by fur dry and took me for a car ride to the children’s hospital. Normally only therapy dogs are allowed there, but as they considered me to be Autumn’s medicine dog they made an exception.  The doctors and nurses and the others who worked there treated me like part of their team. Autumn was in a hospital bed and she was hooked up to a lot of machines.  I could tell that her little body was badly hurt, so I was quiet and gentle. I loved her so much, as only a dog can! I think she was sleeping but it was a strange sleep because she knew that I was there.  Me being there made her happy inside even though she couldn’t show it. She wasn’t strong enough to open her eyes or move her head.

I lay beside her for a few minutes and I felt the presence of her love.  She was beyond using words but I understood from her that she will see me again, in another world.

That was exactly three years ago.  As a dog, I am proud that I had the chance to love Autumn and help her when she was sick. Everybody says I did a good job. Now that she has gone (for now), I do my best to help to help the peeps she left behind. I know when they are sad and in times like these I snuggle up to them and give them my best woofy kisses. Love will get us through it.

Rufff to All,

Louis Dog Armstrong

– Medicine Dog & Blogger