Louis the Blogging Dog

Louis the Blogging Dog!

by Louis the Blogging Dog

I have wanted to start my own blog for quite awhile and I’m finally doing it. I hope to blog about my life in this neighborhood and what it’s like to be me. The little things as well as the big things. All from a dog’s point of view.

Blogging givesme purpose
Blogging gives me purpose.

I am Louis the Blogging Dog.  I am a small dog but I am strong for my size. I fear nothing. Even Hazuzu listens to me, although Hazuzu is a lot bigger than I am. Hazuzu, in case you don’t know, is the cat of our pack. Mimi and Eric call him the  family cat. They are always going on about his magnificent tail and how he reminds them of a lion. I don’t mind though, because everyone knows that I’m the boss. I’man alpha, through and through.

I asked Hazuzu if he wanted to blog with me, but he declined. He likes to do his own thing. He refuses to play ‘squeaky toy’ with me  and he goes off alone, roaming the neighborhood all by himself for hours on end while I stay at home with the peeps. So it didn’t surprise me that Hazuzu didn’t want to work on this blog with me.
At some point, however, I’ll try to talk him into writing a post or two as a guest blogger.
We really are good friends.
Here is a photo of Hazuzu:

hazuzu's eyes match his coat.
Hazuzu’s eyes match his coat.

Thanks for reading my  first time hello. I like it that you are there. Do come back because I expect to post frequently. Also, if you like my blog, do “like” my page on Facebook.  Woof!

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